Air quality testing in Longboat Key

Air Quality Testing and Your Longboat Key Home or Business

As you spend time in the warm Florida sun or savor the amazingly good year-round weather in the Longboat Key area, you might not give a lot of thought to air quality or air quality testing, and yet you should. Some of the very things you love about living in the area (warmth, water, and good conditions all year long) are also the same factors that can lead to poor air quality.

The Importance of Air Quality Testing

Take, for example, mold. It loves warm weather. It adores humid conditions, and especially when they are almost all year long. It also appreciates the fact that most property owners in the area rely on HVAC systems on a regular basis, too. That is because the movement of the air inside a building allows mold spores to spread and grow. The ductwork that the systems use, along with some of the main components, also allow mold to thrive.

Yet, that is not where air quality issues end. After all, a well insulated and well-sealed home may also contain radon, natural gases used in cooking, asbestos, VOCs and more. All of this means one thing – testing air quality is a wise idea for everyone from the small homeowner to the owner of many properties.

If you are ready to have your Longboat Key property’s air tested, contact Indoor Mold Specialists. They provide air quality tests, mold testing services, post-remediation services, and more. You can get in touch online or by phone at 888-851-5755.

Air Quality in Longboat Key | The Importance of Air Quality Testing

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