Air Quality Testing in Marco Island | 3 Pollutants That May Be in Your Home


   When we perform air quality testing in Marco Island, we are looking for any signs of pollution. From the presence of mold to airborne allergens, many things can indicate that the air quality isn’t the best for you to be breathing. Here are three types of pollutants that are often found in residential homes:

  1. Biological Elements

   The most common type of pollutant we see is biological, meaning pollen, mold, dust mites, and other organic matter. This can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and illness if inhaled for long periods of time.

  1. Combustible Elements

   Pollutants that come from things that were on fire are another common thing we see in homes. Tobacco smoke and carbon monoxide from cigarettes, for example, can make for very poor air quality. Testing also shows that certain chemical elements may also be caused by combustion.

  1. Chemical Elements

   Finally, there may be chemical pollutants in the air of a residence. This may be from a chemical that was used in the home, such as lead paint, or volatile organic compounds from things like wood preservatives and certain cleaners. These can cause serious medical issues if inhaled for long periods of time.

   If you suspect your home’s air quality isn’t that great, the first step is to have the professionals come in to test the air. We can help Marco Island homeowners with expert air quality testing. Contact us online, or call 1-888-851-5755.

Air Quality Testing Marco Island | 3 Pollutants in Your Home

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