Air Quality Testing

Air Quality testing is the most popular mold testing method. With this method, a sample of air is taken inside the home or business in an area that there is a suspicion of issues. Then a sample of air is taken outside. The outside test is where the baseline levels for the analysis are found. You will hear labs and mold assessors refer to the outside air quality test as the “control test”. Often, we will take multiple indoor samples. The number of samples that we take inside depends on a number of issues including:

  Size of the building
  Severity of issues
  Your Budget
  Number of areas in question
  HVAC System

We recommend a minimum of three samples: one inside, one outside and one of the HVAC units while it is on. Preferably we take one sample every 500 square feet, or one sample in every area we deem a “chamber”. We use the Z-Lite IAQ sampler using Air- O-Cells. We test for the same amount of time, using the same amount of pressure in all areas- so that the comparison of samples is equal. Our licensed mold assessors calibrate their testing units prior to every air testing project.

It is important to understand that Indoor Mold Specialists is not a lab itself. We are the actual testing company. The samples taken by our assessors are sent overnight daily to our independent third-party lab, Pro-Lab, located in Weston, FL. The lab receives the samples and begins to process them the same day. Results are then analyzed and organized into one mold test report which is emailed to IMS in PDF format. We not only strive for expert, accurate mold testing, but we strive to have fast results. Often we are able to have results within 48 hours of the actual conducting of the test- in some cases even faster.

When Indoor Mold Specialists conducts an air quality test our work does not stop there. Once we have a report, your IMS Mold Assessor will then contact you to share the test results and take the time to explain the findings and what they mean. The results are often several pages that include the names of the mold spores present and not present as well as the amounts/volume present as well.

Air Quality Testing is not only needed when someone feels they may have mold. Many property owners conduct annual air quality testing to ensure their homes and properties continue to have non-contaminated air. Every day we conduct air quality testing for peace of mind. Whether that be for homeowners, healthcare professionals, government agencies, insurance professionals, contractors or business owners in the state of Florida. Indoor Mold Specialists offers scheduled air quality testing programs for residential and commercial property owners.

Are you purchasing or selling a property? Chances are the sale will be contingent on the results of an air quality test- or multiple tests. Indoor Mold Specialists provides fast, accurate air quality testing to ensure that there are no uncertainties in regards to the quality of air in the property to be sold or purchased.

Indoor Mold Specialists of Florida is a licensed mold assessing company. IMS offers air quality testing for residential and commercial properties in the state of Florida. We work with independent third-party labs for accurate fast results. We are licensed, bonded and insured to conduct mold testing and air quality testing in the state of Florida.