Assessments & Protocols

In recent years, the industry of mold remediation has moved more and more towards the utilization of mold protocols.  In many states, laws have been passed mandating that a mold protocol must be utilized by a licensed mold remediation company to legally remove mold.  Florida has very strict laws that outline the requirements for a mold assessor to hold a state license that is separate from the licensed mold remediation company performing the remediation.  Furthermore, many homeowners insurance carriers now demand a written mold protocol to accompany the pre-testing, in order to pay for any mold remediation work performed.

A mold protocol can best be described as the “play book” for the mold remediation company to successfully remediate mold in a building. It is an itemized, step by step set of instructions outlining where the work is to be performed, how and to what extent. This report is accompanied with mold testing results and also carries instructions for post remediation testing to verify the remediation was performed successfully.  Protocol size and depth vary based on the size of the mold remediation project, the property and the customer.  A good mold protocol can be read and successfully completed by any licensed mold remediation contractor.  The protocol should be very descriptive as to where the work is to be completed, the extent of the work and in many cases, include photos of the work site to remove any doubt as to areas being referenced in the business or home.

Why Is A Mold Protocol Important?

A mold protocol is to be written by a licensed mold assessor. This individual holds a separate state license than the remediation professional. Keep in mind it is an individual that holds a license not a company. So one professional is outlining the work and testing for another licensed professional to successfully complete his/her job during remediation. At Indoor Mold Specialists, we have multiple individuals that hold Mold Assessment licenses in the State of Florida.  Any mold assessment company should be able to readily share their state credentials and insurance upon request.

It takes the matter of opinion out of the project and offers a third party produced document as to how the project is to be handled.  Even more important, the assessor who produces the protocol, also conducts pre and post testing – which tests and verifies the work of the remediation company.  Often times, a mold project can be more in depth than what is initially detected or visible.  On each IMS protocol, we give specific instructions on the actions to take place to ensure the remediation company removes contaminated material beyond the affected areas to eliminate any doubt that the project was completed successfully.  With that being said, remediation companies and property owners have a direct line to their Indoor Mold Specialists professional to return to the property to make new observations and add additional steps to the protocol.

To put it simply it offers a homeowner or business owner peace of mind that their remediation project is completed without issue.

Indoor Mold Specialists created protocols for homeowner, business owners, mold professionals, insurance adjusters and insurance companies daily. We offer fair third party protocol creation at a fair price to successfully complete any project.