Black Mold and What You Can Do About It

If you read a lot of headlines or news articles, you might believe that black mold is a toxic substance. It is not. Technically, it is the spores that come from it that are so dangerous, and it is not the only type of mold with potentially harmful spores. However, it is the black (which can appear anywhere from green to grey as well as black) variety that is the most prevalent and common. The upside is that identifying it (or any mold) can help you to disable it from producing those potentially harmful spores.

How to Identify Black Mold

Most non-experts won’t be able to simply identify black mold with the naked eye. Even experts are unable to do this. Instead, it requires expert testing to determine what sort of mold might be growing in a home or office space. It is rare that you have just a single variety, and yet the inspecting and testing let you discover what is there and even where the source of the problem might be.

You see, mold loves the warm and damp weather in a region like Fort Myers. Because of that, anywhere in a building where excess moisture, trapped heat, and darkness occur, could also be a breeding ground for mold. Having an expert look at the setting can help to not only identify mold but also answer how to get rid of it for good!

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Black Mold in Fort Myers | What You Can Do About Black Mold

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