What to Do if You Suspect Black Mold in Your Sarasota Property

There are many differences between residential and commercial properties, but there is one certainty that both share – they can experience the development and spread of black mold. Suffering a bit of a misnomer, this mold can be green, grey or black and can often hide out of sight. This is a problem because the mold itself is not dangerous, but the spores it produces are very risky.

Known for causing everything from skin irritations and allergies to pulmonary conditions and even death, it is a mold harmful to human and pets alike. It has a familiar, mildew scent, but unlike many other types of mold, it really adores the materials used to build most homes, including paper, cellulose, and wood. It also favors the sort of warm and humid conditions so prevalent in the Sarasota (and Florida) area.

Do You Have Black Mold?

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know if some mildew is also black mold, or if that smell in a darker part of a building is this particular mold at work. Either way, if you even suspect that a tiny patch of it has erupted in a property, you must have professionals come out, test it and identify it. The best crews will also be able to show you where other “at risk” areas exist in order to help you get conditions under control.

Sarasota property owners should contact Indoor Mold Specialists offering cutting-edge inspection and testing services, along with post remediation services, air quality tests, and many other related services. You can get in touch online or by phone at 888-851-5755.

Black Mold in Sarasota | Do You Suspect Black Mold

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