IMS’s Work Process

  Testing: The experts will examine your property and take samples with them for detailed testing.
  Verification: The sample is tested on various conditions and verified.
  Protocol: Service provider have certain rules how to conduct their work are all proceeded under protocol.
  Post testing: After the examination is all complete, a test is performed again later to verify the results and changes.

Black Mold Testing

The company offers wide range of mold testing. And also suggestion offered over which mold test would be most suitable for you. Suggestion are often made after verification is completed in your house. So that the experts are well aware about the condition of your home and knows what test would resolve Block Molds. So lest look at the services provided for Black mold testing

Professional Black Mold Test

The process is carried out by best mold specialist, who will be placed for collecting various samples. With the help of sample test, it will always lead to most accurate results.

Multiple black Mold Testing
Black mold test gives you snapshot of the amount of mold particles which is originated at certain period. With addition of multiple test, it will provide users a clear picture about the condition of their home more accurately.

Types of mold test

  • Air test
  • Surface test
  • Bulk test

Air test: This process is used to test the concentration of mold spores in your home. The samples are collected and sent for examination in lab.

With the help of air test, it can be easily identified there are any black molds growth or not. However, in these cases the amount of black mold spores can change in different times.

Surface test: Surface test basically describes its process as collecting samples from household surfaces to check there a mold growth around your house. The process works by swabbing, tape, lifting of objects or other methods. And later the samples are taken to the laboratory.

As similar to air test, the report of the test may vary because the black mold and spores aren’t spread evenly across the surfaces in various of your home and can easily vary.

Bulk test: In this kind of test, the process usually starts off by collecting pieces of material from areas of your home. After all the samples are collected, it is then transferred to laboratory where mold particles on the material can be tested under a powerful microscope.

Bulk test is one of the test that is recommended by most of the users, later after the test. Bulk test can verify if you have a black mold problem ad gives us the idea of the concentration of mold particles in your property.

Cultural Test for Black Mold
Cultural test is basically known as where the mold particles in a sample from the home are grown into bigger colonies in a lab. Due to this process the lack mold is identified in your house.

Only the lively particles can grow back again. Though be aware even the dead blacks molds cause allergies and some health problems. Other test may help to identify whether there is mold or not but cannot identify the species of mold.

What are the reasons for Mold Testing?

The main reasons for you to have a mold test done in your home

  • Symptoms of black mold in which faulty smell and graphic is noticed
  • To identify and notify the species of mold in your house
  • In order to locate black mold
  • For running an air test to identify the amount of spores in the air
  • And after the test to check if black molds have completely removed or not.

Indoor mold specialist conducts advanced level black mold test for home, offices. The service is very efficient and very reliable. The experts will also give users some tips on how to keep your place healthy. Our company arranges fair third party mold testing at a very reasonable cost and the service will be provided 24*7.  And the service will be at your house, office within an hour as Indoor mold specialist cares a lot about their users.