Does a Naples Property Really Need Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Many people believe that retreating indoors on days when the weather can make breathing difficult or when ozone is an issue is a good idea. However, indoor air quality can often be far worse than outdoor. Why? It has to do with everything from mold and toxic gases to problems with building materials. As a simple example, a bit of outdated asbestos insulation hidden out of sight could be degrading and polluting the air. It is why even a single round of air quality testing can greatly improve conditions in a home or business in Naples.

What Air Quality Testing Does

When you have experts in air testing come to your property, they do a control test outside and then take a liberal range of samples throughout the interior of a building. They are looking for mold, harmful natural gases (like radon or gas from cooking), VOCs, asbestos, and more. They don’t just test air, though, but also the HVAC gear, ductwork, and surfaces. This ensures they find and identify all potential risks to your health or that of the people and animals also living or working inside.

If you have a few concerns about air quality in your Naples or business, you can contact Indoor Mold Specialists. They provide Florida property owners (business and residential) with the type of premium air quality tests, mold testing services, post-remediation services, and other options essential to good health. You can get in touch online or by phone at 888-851-5755.


Does a Naples Property Need Indoor Air Quality Testing?

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