FAQs About Mold

Is mold making me sick?

Only a physician can tell you that- however the data supports the fact that mold does cause many different health issues including allergies and infections.  A simple internet search on mold health effects takes you directly to the Poison center- so take mold and your health serious!

How fast can we have our mold test results back?

Indoor Mold Specialists aims to have testing results back to you in 24 hours!  We overnight samples to a third-party lab the same day the samples are conducted.  The lab will analyze the samples and email Indoor Mold Specialists with the results, the same day they receive them.

What is the difference between Indoor Mold Specialists and other companies?

The easiest answer is cost and the speed in which we work.  But the answer that all of our clients agree with is the personal touch we add to the process- we are homeowners, parents and business owners just like you, so we understand that you need us to take our time and answer your questions.  Our mold experts are involved in the local community and truly care about each of their customers.

Do you figure out what caused my mold?

Yes, we work with you to find what the cause was. Sometimes it is not possible as mold has been present for extended time- but we always go the extra mile to try to find the cause and make recommendations accordingly.  We always make sure our customers understand the process of locating and repairing the cause of the mold.

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes, we can provide documentation to your insurance company if you have a homeowner’s claim and need testing and protocols.  We work with all insurance carriers in the State of Florida and are preferred vendors for many of them.

What does mold look like?

Mold has all different appearances- some mold is yellowish in color, some are white. Then of course there is mold that is black in color- however this does not indicate that it is “black mold”.  No one is qualified to identify mold by observation only.  Although observations are used during an inspection, proper testing is always a requirement to correctly identify the mold present.

Can’t I just wipe mold off with bleach?

Bleach is a cleaner- both household and industrial. Mold removal should be performed by a licensed mold remediation expert who uses an antimicrobial solution for the remediation of mold- not bleach.  There are many antimicrobial agents on the market.  Some protocols may request a specific antimicrobial agent to be used for remediation.

Do you recommend any restoration companies?

Simple answer, no.  Indoor Mold Specialists does not and will not recommend any contractors.  We will work with the contractor you independently hire, to ensure they follow the protocol and do not cut corners.  We truly understand that being non-partial is the only way we can be good at our jobs.

I am a renter who thinks I have mold but can’t afford a mold test?

First step is to contact your landlord and request the issues be addressed.  If it is not addressed, contact your local housing authorities for how these issues are being handled in your local municipality.