Mold Assessments in Cape Coral | How to Choose a Great Mold Test Company


When you think you may have mold in your Cape Coral house, you’ll want to get mold assessments done right away. But having professionals come in to inspect your home does mean that you need to choose a great company that will be able to identify all the signs of contamination. How can you find a great mold inspector?


Look for Test Only Inspectors


We are a test-only company, not a remediation company, and we recommend going with a test-only company for a reason. A company that does both wants to make sure they get your business for remediation, so they may exaggerate just how much mold is really in your home. Our mold assessments are unbiased because we do not do remediation ourselves.


Look for Post-Remediation Services


Another thing we offer is post-remediation testing, which means that we will come back after the remediation has happened and perform more mold assessments. This is important because it ensures that your home really did get cleaned the way it needed to be. If we find evidence of mold still in your home post-remediation, you may be entitled to go back to the remediation service and get a more thorough service.


Schedule Your Assessment Today


Finally, we always recommend looking for a company that has great reviews. See what a few of our satisfied customers had to say. To learn more about our services, contact us online or call our office at 1-888-851-5755.


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Mold Assessments in Cape Coral FL | How to Choose a Great Mold Testing Company

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