Mold Assessments in Siesta Key | Why Does Mold Grow Inside Your AC?


If you’ve ever had mold discovered inside your air conditioner, you probably know that this can be an unpleasant surprise during the mold assessments process. When mold gets in the unit, that means spores are being blown all over your home, and it can take a while to locate the complete contamination. But why does mold get into an AC in the first place?


High Humidity Due to Age


As your AC unit gets older, it has a harder time dealing with extreme temperature differences between the outside of the unit, and inside the unit. This means humidity on and around the unit gets out of control and creates the perfect spot for mold to grow.


Clogged Drain Line


The drain line of the AC needs to be cleaned out every year, but this is not high on many people’s to-do list. When this line is clogged, it causes water to back up into the AC unit, and that leads to wet insulation inside the unit. Wet insulation can take months to dry out, so it’s perfect for mold growth.


Humidifier Use


Many AC units also include a built-in humidifier feature, that keeps your home in the recommended 30-50% range of humidity. However, when a home is already in this range, running this feature can cause too much humidity, which leads to mold.


If you are concerned that mold could be growing inside your AC, contact the mold assessments professionals. We can be reached online, or call our office at 1-888-851-5755.



Mold Assessments in Siesta Key FL | Why Does Mold Grow Inside Your AC?

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