Mold Protocols in Cape Coral | 4 Myths About Mold Removal


If you have discovered mold in your Cape Coral home, the professionals will use industry-standard mold protocols to remove the mold from your home. During this process, you may come across several myths about mold that can make the process seem confusing. Here are four of those myths, and why they are untrue.


  1. Dirty houses get mold.


There is no correlation between messiness or even downright uncleanliness, and mold. Mold grows where it is warm and wet, no matter how clean the home may or may not be.


  1. Mold inspection can be an intrusive process.


Mold typically hides in corners, under carpets, and inside walls. This means that as part of mold protocols, professionals do a thorough inspection of a home, looking for every bit of mold. However, thermal imaging cameras have made it so that this can be done in a less intrusive way.


  1. Removing mold creates a stinky home.


Removing mold does involve the use of chemicals, and a lot of homeowners worry that this will make their house smell bad. However, during mold remediation, the professionals cover everything with plastic sheeting and use air scrubbers to vent out scent particles.


  1. It is bad for your health to remove mold.


Actually, quite the opposite. The chemicals we use today are healthier for you than leaving the mold in your home.


If you want to learn more about mold protocols, or need to schedule your appointment to have your home tested for mold, contact us online or call 1-888-851-5755.



Mold Protocols in Cape Coral | 4 Myths About Mold Removal

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