Mold Protocols in Port Charlotte | 5 Steps in Mold Detection and Removal Protocols


When a home in Port Charlotte develops mold, there are certain industry-standard mold protocols that are put into place to handle the problem. While the exact tools or techniques may be different based on your home and the type of mold, there are usually five main steps involved with professional mold protocols.


  1. Assess the mold problem.


The first step is usually testing for mold to learn if it is present, and what type of mold is present. This could involve air samples, tape testing, or swab testing.


  1. Take photos and create a plan to get rid of it.


Once we know what type of mold you have, we can help you create a plan to get rid of the specific species of mold. Photos are a good idea because it allows you to compare progress throughout the remediation process.


  1. Know how significant the mold contamination is.


The next step is to make sure to calculate how much mold is in the home. This helps determine the best way to get rid of it.


  1. Get rid of the mold.

Now it’s time for the remediation. This could mean repairing leaks, isolating contaminated areas, using chemical removers, removing physical mold growth, drying the area, and replacing anything that was damaged.


  1. Check for success.


The final step is to compare the results with more air tests to make sure the home is now safe again.


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Mold Protocols in Port Charlotte | 5 Steps in Mold Detection and Removal Protocols

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