Can You Stay Home During Mold Removal?


  If you have discovered that your Sarasota home has mold, protocols will be initiated immediately to start removing the problem. Mold can be very dangerous for your health, other’s health, and for the structure of your home. But can you stay in your home during this process, or do you need to book a hotel room? Here are some things to consider.

  • Did the mold make your bathroom or kitchen unusable?

  You may not be able to stay in the home if you don’t have a bathroom or kitchen to use until after the mold is removed.

  • Does the remediation work need to be done in the entire house?

  If the whole house needs to be covered in plastic and cleaned, and then dried out, it may be hard to continue to live around the work.

  • Are you bothered by noise?

  Mold protocols involve using negative air machines, dehumidifiers, and other types of equipment that can make a lot of noise. If this will make it hard for you to live, you may not want to be in the home.

  • Are you worried about being uncomfortable?

  In order to dry out the mold, a lot of equipment that is run is often going to make the home a bit warmer. Additionally, the mold removal team may need to turn off your HVAC system at some point to clean in a certain area, which can make it worse.

  If you aren’t worried about these things, then there is no reason you have to leave – but it may be a faster process if you do take a few days away. To learn more, contact us online today.

Mold Protocols in Sarasota | Staying Home During Mold Removal

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