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We offer many types of mold testing including:

Air Quality Testing: This is our most popular requested test. This test tells our clients what types of mold and to what extent is air borne in their property.

Swab & Tape Testing: Often mold is not airborne- it is still present and needs to be addressed. In these instances IMS recommends tape or swab testing that allows us to test for mold, even black mold, on specific surfaces.

In some cases we will recommend a combination of testing to determine mold levels in different areas of the property. Our overall goal of all mold test recommendations is to be able to conduct testing that definitively will determine if there is toxic mold present in the property or not.

We will also offer our expert advice on which mold test or mold inspection is best for your situation. This recommendation comes from listening to your unique issue and the property and forming the best option in terms of testing to determine if there are levels of mold present or not.

Fort Myers Indoor Air Quality Assessment

With this popular method, a sample of air is taken inside the home or business in an area that there is a suspicion of issues. Then a sample of air is taken outside. The outside test is where the baseline levels for the analysis are found. Often our mold hygienist will take multiple indoor samples. The number of samples that we take inside depends on a number of issues including:
  Size of the building
  Severity of issues
  Your Budget
  Number of areas in question
  HVAC System

Often we recommend a minimum of three air mold samples: one inside, one outside and one of the HVAC units while it is on. Preferably we take one sample every 500 square feet, or one sample in every area we deem a “chamber”. We use the Z-Lite IAQ sampler using Air-O-Cells. We test for the same amount of time using the same amount of pressure in all areas- so that the comparison of samples is equal.

When Indoor Mold Specialists conducts an air quality test (aqt) our work does not stop there. Once we have a report we will take time to discuss the report with you so that you understand the findings and what they mean.

Mold Assessments & Protocols

In the past years the industry of mold remediation has moved more and more towards the utilization of mold protocols.

A mold protocol can best be described as the “play book” for the mold remediation company to successfully remediate mold in a building. It is an itemized step by step instruction to where the work is to be performed, how and to what extent. Generally this report is accompanied with mold testing results and also carries instructions for post remediation testing to verify if the overall remediation was performed successfully.

Why is a mold protocol important?

A mold protocol is to be written by a licensed mold assessor. This individual holds a separate state license than the remediation professional. Keep in mind it is an individual that holds a license not a company. So one professional is outlining the work and testing for another licensed professional to successfully complete his/her job during remediation.

It takes the matter of opinion out of the project and offers a third party produced document as to how the project is to be handled. Even more important the assessor who produces the protocol also conducts the pre and post mold remediation services – meaning the remediation professional is also being tested by the third party to verify his/her work.

Mold can cause many different health issues including allergies and infections from coming in contact with

Mold can cause many different health issues including allergies and infections from coming in contact with mold spores. A simple internet search on mold health effects takes you directly to the Poison Center – so take mold and your health seriously! Whether you are looking to test your home, your new home or your business, we offer you peace of mind that your remediation project is completed without issue.

Indoor Mold Specialists created protocols for homeowner, business owners, mold professionals, insurance adjusters and insurance companies daily. We offer fair third party protocol creation at a fair price to successfully complete any project.

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