Why Do-It-Yourself Mold Testing Isn’t Accurate


If you are concerned that there is mold in your Naples home, you’ve probably considered having it assessed by a mold testing professional. However, you may have also seen that there are mold test kits that claim to offer the same services in a do-it-yourself manner, which may be more inexpensive. The problem is there are a few issues with those home tests.


Many test kits you can pick up yourself aren’t stamped with an expiration date. This can mean that the contents of the kit are contaminated. Even if the kit is sterile, you won’t have any idea what sort of environment the kit has been in prior to being purchased.


In addition, there are many mold kits that have been shown to be inaccurate. Some kits show that there is a large amount of mold when the opposite is true and vice versa.


When you use a mold kit in Naples, you have to send it through the mail for analysis by a laboratory. The issue is that the shipping process can be unpredictable and involve high humidity and extreme temperatures, long shipping times, and improper handling techniques.


Many labs used for these kits are also not accredited so there’s no way to know how your kit is tested and if it was done properly. This may mean the results are nowhere close to the actual numbers in terms of spores in your home.


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Mold Testing in Naples | Why Mold Isn’t A DIY Project

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