Determining Whether the Home You Are Buying in Tampa Has Mold

Most people are not going to be happy if they purchase a home and find that it has mold. However, it’s not always immediately apparent if this is the case. If you aren’t having mold testing done, you could end up in this same situation. That’s why it’s important to always have an inspection done prior to sighing the contract on a Tampa home.

Mold can grow pretty much anywhere, provided it has moisture and food. However, there are some areas where mold is more common. This includes in basements, especially after flooding, near leaking roofs, windows, or pipes, and in homes with poor ventilation or poor housekeeping.

When you have an inspection done of the home you may purchase, make sure that you have mold testing done. You cannot expect the traditional home inspector to have the skills and equipment required for this. The best bet is to hire a professional mold expert who can do a thorough inspection and let you know the results.

You should also ask the seller of the home to disclose any water damage or mold issues. In some states, this is required but not all. Even if it isn’t, it’s a completely reasonable request to make. While this may not give you all the information you need, it’s a great start.

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Mold Testing in Tampa | Determining Whether the Home You Are Buying in Tampa Has Mold

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