Mold Testing

Indoor Mold Specialists

offers many options for mold testing. We also offer our expert advice on which mold test is best for your situation. This recommendation comes from listening to your unique issue at the property and forming the best methods of testing to determine if there are levels of mold present or not. We understand that all mold testing inquiries have the same goal: to determine if the property in question does or does not have mold.

We offer many types of testing including:

Air Quality Testing:

This is our most popular test. This test tells our clients what types of mold they have, and to what extent it is airborne in their property. Air testing is used to determine if mold has localized or if it is a larger problem than meets the eye. We will often enter and inspect properties where there appears to be a small mold issue and determine a larger problem. Mold spores are airborne, and they become airborne easily. An air test will eliminate the guessing and ensure that you understand the entire scope of your potential mold issue.

Swab & Tape Testing:

Very often, the reason a property owner or business owner thinks they have mold is that they can see visible evidence of mold. To be clear, no expert or contractor can look at perceived mold and indicate for certain if it is mold or not. IMS utilizes two types of testing in this instance- swab testing and tape testing. Both types of surface tests are sent to a third-party lab and will indicate if the sample is or is not mold for certain.

In some cases, we will recommend a combination of testing to determine mold levels in different areas of the property. Our overall goal of all recommendations is to be able to conduct testing that definitively determines if there is mold present in the property or not. A surface test and an air test conducted in combination will concisely indicate if the area in question is mold and if the mold has become airborne.

We here at Indoor Mold Specialists pride ourselves on working one on one with you the customer for a specialized mold testing program that suits your needs. When we make our recommendation, we take the following into consideration:

  • The overall goal of the testing inquiry
  • Size of property in question
  • Findings upon initial inspection
  • Timeliness of testing required

When hiring a mold assessor to conduct mold testing in your home or business make sure that they have all of the required insurances, credentials, and licenses. Our licensed mold testers can produce upon request the following:

  • Copy of state of Florida Mold Testing license
  • Certificates of Insurance for Workers Compensation
  • Certificates of Liability Insurance
  • Certification that IMS is a NORMI accredited firm

Mold is serious! It can be hazardous to your health, your family’s health, your employee’s health, your property, and the value of your property. Take mold seriously- don’t higher just any contractor to test for mold. Do not rely on the “free mold inspection” that many contractors offer. Do not purchase an at-home mold test. When you think that mold is an issue for your
home or business relies on licensed experts only.

Indoor Mold Specialists of Florida

are seasoned experts in mold testing. Indoor Mold Specialists is a licensed mold testing and mold assessor serving all of Florida.