Post Remediation Testing

Many times property owners fail to understand how important post remediation testing is in the overall mold remediation project. Prior to any mold remediation it is important to have both pre-testing and a mold protocol written. The pre testing is not only to determine if there is mold (as many times you are already aware mold is present), but it is just as important to identify the types and levels of mold present. The goal of remediation is to reduce mold levels to acceptable levels overall.

The only way to scientifically test if a remediation has been successful or not is to have post remediation testing conducted. This is when Indoor Mold Specialists re-inspects a property after the mold remediation was performed. We not only test the property we also make overall observations as to how the remediation was conducted. We act as a third party who will determine for you the property owner whether the mold remediation company successfully completed their project.

After our inspection we offer feedback. The feedback comes in the form of the post testing results- which are processed by an independent third party lab. The feedback also comes in the form of final moisture inspections and thermal inspections to ensure there are no longer any overall moisture intrusions that may cause the mold issues to reoccur.

For independent, impartial post remediation testing

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