Purchasing a Home

Buying a new home can be very stressful. You are never 100% confident the home you are purchasing is exactly what you are being told it is. Often families purchase a new home only to find out months later that the home has levels of mold that can be harmful to their family. Imagine- the place you eat, sleep and live every day is also the source of potential health issues for your loved ones. It is recommended by all realtors to have a licensed mold assessor perform a certified mold inspection that includes mold testing, verified by a third party, on all new property purchases. This includes new construction purchases as well.

Indoor Mold Specialists has put together a comprehensive mold inspection protocol that we perform on all new purchases. This includes thermal inspections of areas that typically produce moisture which is the leading factor in microbial growth in homes. Our team also will check the entire home for mold. At the conclusion we will perform air quality testing of the home. These samples will be sent to a lac- where a third party analysis will be conducted. The results of this analysis are put into a comprehensive report and presented to you the new home buyer.

If no mold is present we will advise you of such, and the report is yours to keep in your records. If mold is present we will offer additional services such as a third party protocol for removal of the mold that can be used when negotiating the purchase of the home, or used to hire a licensed mold remediation company to remove the mold. If remediation of the mold takes place Indoor Mold Specialists can be hired to conduct a post clearance testing of the home- verifying the mold is now gone, and giving you piece of mind.