Swab Testing in Longboat Key | How Do the Pros Test for Mold?


Most homeowners know the dangers of allowing mold to grow in their home unchecked. It can cause many health problems, and damage the structure of your house. But those DIY mold testing kits aren’t always the most accurate tool for determining if your home is safe. Here’s how the professionals perform air testing, swab testing, and tape lift sampling to test for mold in Longboat Key.


Air Testing


If there is no visible mold in the home, air quality testing is the go-to choice for mold testing. This means that professionals will gather a sample of air in a vial, and test it for mold spores in a lab.


Swab Testing


The next most commonly performed test is swab testing. This means that there is visible mold that can be seen in the home. The pros will take a swab sample of the mold, and test it in a lab to identify the specific type of mold.


Tape Lift Sampling


The final type of test is called tape lift sampling. This is also done in the presence of visible mold but is used in places where you may not want the surface under the mold to be scraped up. Instead, the tape is used to gently lift spores from upholstery, clothing, and so on. This is then tested for the type of mold, just like swab testing.


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Swab Testing in Longboat Key | How Do the Pros Test for Mold?

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