Swab Testing in Naples | Getting Rid of Mold in Your Home


   One of the many services we offer to Naples homeowners is swab testing for mold. This means we take physical samples from the home to identify not only if there is mold, but also what kind of mold it is so that you can remove it in the most effective way possible. Often, air quality testing may not detect spores if the mold isn’t out of control, which is where swab testing can come in handy.

   If you have been informed that you do have some mold in your home, you’ll want to get rid of it right away. This can severely harm you, members of your family, and your guests. Here are some of the best products you can use to get rid of mold:

  • Bleach is a classic go-to, and it does work to get rid of most indoor mold species.
  • Vinegar is an all-natural alternative to bleach that can work on some mold species.
  • Tea tree oil is a powerful anti-microbial that can help clean and sanitize areas to get rid of mold.
  • Ammonia is another chemical option for removing mold from your home.
  • In wet areas like the bathroom, Hydrogen Peroxide kills mold cells as well.
  • When combined with vinegar, baking soda kills mold cells

   If you want to learn more about getting rid of mold, or you need to scheduling swab testing for your home in Naples, contact us online, or call 1-888-851-5755.

Swab Testing in Naples | Getting Rid of Mold in Your Home

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