Tape Testing in Naples | Should You Use a DIY Mold Testing Kit?


Did you know that all homes in Naples have mold? In fact, every place on earth has mold, unless it is a sanitized, “clean room” environment. Mold spores are everywhere in our air, on our possessions, on our skin, and inside our bodies. The problem arises when mold starts to get so prevalent in an area that it becomes visible – that’s when the mold is too heavy in the environment and can cause health problems.


In order to help homeowners keep their homes mold-free, we use things like tape testing, air quality testing, and swab testing to determine if you have mold, and what type of mold it is. But many homeowners wonder why they should call the pros when DIY mold testing kits can be used.


Are DIY Kits Effective?


The problem with most of these kits is that they don’t offer you enough information. Even if they accurately tell you that you have mold, they can’t tell you how heavy the mold is in the air like an air quality test, nor can they tell you the species of mold, like tape testing can. Professional tests can provide you with far more information so that you know how to attack the problem best.


Make sure your family is safe and your home is in great shape by scheduling professional tape testing in Naples today. Contact us online, or call our office at 1-888-851-5755 to get started today.


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Tape Testing in Naples FL | Should You Use a DIY Mold Testing Kit?

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