Tape Testing in Lakewood Ranch | Pros and Cons of Tape Testing


   There are multiple ways that we can test for mold in a home. Air quality testing and swab testing are two other services we offer, but tape testing is one of the most frequently used tests in residential homes. This is because mold spores can often attach to fabric items, like furniture and clothing, and using tape to get spores to test is the best way to protect your belongings. But is this really the best test for your Lakewood Ranch home?

Pros of Tape Testing

   Tape testing is very beneficial because it can show if the mold growth in your home is new, or if it is dead and you’re just seeing the remnants. It can also show the specific type of mold that you have, which is important for helping you decide how to handle the problem best.

Cons of Tape Testing

   The only real downside to tape testing is that it can sometimes take several business days to get the results back from the lab. Many homeowners don’t want to wait to find out if their home is unsafe. This is different from an air quality test, which can show the presence o mold spores in just 24 hours. But this test doesn’t show if the mold in your home is alive or dead.

The Verdict

   Overall, tape testing is a very valuable way to find out more information about the health of your home’s atmosphere. To schedule your service, contact us online today.

Tape Testing in Lakewood Ranch | The Pros and Cons

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