Indoor Mold Specialists prides itself in staying at the forefront of technology in the mold assessment industry. We understand that our profession requires to go well beyond just saying “yes you do” or “no you don’t” have mold. Our clients want answers as to the cause of the mold, other damages in the home, extend of damages and if it is an isolated issue or ongoing.  Mold testing alone won’t answer these critical questions.

IMS utilizes:

Thermal Imaging:  Our professionals are equipped with the most up to day infrared cameras to assist in their inspections.  These cameras allow us to detect temperature differentials in building materials- this detection allows us to further narrow down causes of issues and the extent in which damage was caused.

Moisture Meters: Intrusive & Non- Intrusive: We utilize FLIR multi meters that allow us to detect moisture in building materials using both intrusive methods when needed and non-intrusive methods.

Particle Counters:  Particle Counters are used for our professionals to give real time descriptions of the quality of air. These are not final answers- but they allow our clients real time looks at what may be going on.

Air Quality Testing:  This is our most popular requested test. This test tells our clients what types of mold and to what extent is air borne in their property.

Swab & Tape Testing: Often mold is not airborne- it is still present and needs to be addressed.  In these instances IMS recommends tape or swab testing that allows us to test for mold on specific surfaces.

When IMS comes to your home or business we will bring all of our technology with us- to ensure that we are able to come up with all of the answers you need to better understand the mold situation in your home or business.