Testing vs Inspection

Often we here at Indoor Mold Specialists are called to see if we will perform a mold inspection. After all there are small local restoration companies offer a “free inspection”. Homeowners and business owners are often confused when we tell them no. We are a licensed mold assessment company. With this licensing and the experience we carry we know that a mold inspection does not compare to actual mold testing.

Mold testing is the scientific testing to determine if mold spores are or are not present- and if they are to what extent and what types are present. These tests have to be conducted by a state licensed mold assessor. These tests are then sent to a third party lab for analysis and the results are produced there. This process has several layers of checks and balances to ensure the results and reporting are held to the highest most reliable standards. There is no room for error. The assessor has many types of tests at his/her disposal to ensure the results are accurate.

On the other hand a mold inspection is all based on human senses. A technician- most times with no certifications or licensing comes into a home or business and “looks” for mold. He/she will look to see if they find mold anywhere. This inspection holds many opportunities for human error. Often mold is present in hard to see locations- like inside walls, behind plumbing or in duct work- all areas that an inspection can and will miss.

When your home or business is in question- don’t chance it to human error.
Call for licensed mold testing by a state licensed mold assessor.
Call for Indoor Mold Specialists.