Three Big Mold Services Every Professional Firm Should Provide

At Indoor Mold Specialists, we provide top to bottom mold testing and remediation. That’s something you might hear from various firms around the area, but that doesn’t mean that all of these companies really provide this extensive level of service. Here are some of the most important aspects of what we do for customers.

Mold Testing

One of the problems with mold is that it can be hard to diagnose or properly identify.

You can do a visual inspection and see certain discolored pieces of materials, and not really know whether you have mold or what kind of mold you have. This leads to all sorts of inefficiencies, sunk costs and frustration.

At Indoor Mold Specialists, we offer swab and tape testing that really shows in a laboratory what kinds of mold are present. Then you move forward from a concrete foundation into a mold remediation plan that works. Without this kind of guidance, it’s easy to get bogged down in the very early stages of a mold testing and remediation project.

Mold Protocols

Another part of our service is to develop a mold protocol for each project.

Our licensed mold assessors put together technical documents showing how mold is going to be handled.

One of the reasons this is so important is that the “he said, she said” idea abounds in the mold industry.

You have professionals, either on the scene, in the lab or elsewhere voicing their opinion, and you have non-professionals like the property owner or other stakeholders adding their voices to the mix as well. Because mold presents differently in various situations, because its visual appearance is so subjective, this can really cause a lot of problems. Our mold protocol takes more of the questions and guesswork out of the equation, and proceeds toward a dedicated and effective result.

Post-Remediation Services

Too many mold companies will come in and deal with existing mold, again, according to a visual criteria. Then they’ll fire up their trucks and drive away.

Later, property owners come back to the frustrating situation of not knowing whether mold is present at the property or not. People may complain of allergies or cause specific liabilities for a property owner or business, and nobody’s really any the wiser about whether mold remediation was fully effective or not.

Post-remediation testing is a critical part of what we do for customers. Again, these extra steps make something that’s vague and hard to assess into a clear, clinical and provable result.

Buildings will have smells, residues, must and certain types of decay. That doesn’t mean that all of them need the same mold remediation plan. Call Indoor Mold Specialists for a technical and thorough mold analysis and remediation that you can bank on every time.

Three Big Mold Services Every Professional Firm Should Provide

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