Who Uses IMS?

IMS is a company that is relied on to offer expert mold testing, mold protocols and mold advice throughout the state of Florida. We have provided services throughout the state for many homeowners, insurance companies, renters, business owners and insurance adjusters.

We often assist:

Insurance Professionals

Both insurance carriers and insurance adjusters rely on IMS for their expertise in mold testing, mold protocol writing and post mold clearance testing.


Many time renters call on us because they think they have mold and their landlord refuses to do anything. A mold test report is a definitive report showing whether there is mold or not- it takes human error out of the equation.


We have services just about anyone in every type of building you can imagine. Mold is a serious issue that should not be avoided. Step one is always determining whether mold is present or not.


Homeowners call on IMS to often test their homes to determine if mold is present and if it is present to create a mold protocol that will outline what needs to take place to successfully remove the mold. Furthermore, homeowners call on us to conduct third-party mold testing of their contractors to determine if they (contractor) successfully removed the mold.

Business Owners

Business owners often request routine air quality testing to ensure their staff is safe from any airborne mold issues that would be impossible to detect.

Give us a call at 888-851-5755 to discuss our annual business packages for you and your staff’s peace of mind.

Restoration & Mold Remediation Companies

We offer fast, cost-effective mold protocols, testing, and post-testing to the industry. We know that time is imperative in the restoration industry so we get on site give a summary protocol overview to your company and then have testing and the final protocol prepared right away so that your project can continue to move forward.


When it is time for post testing we schedule around the homeowner/business owners

schedule and have results the next day.